After reading the title some of you might be thinking what is favicon ? See the screenshot below and you will understand what the favicon means. Its very useful for making your look different than other whenever they bookmark your website or open your website.

See it.

What is Favicon ? Free favicon generators
What is Favicon ? Free favicon generators

Got it ?

See here are some very good and useful online free Favicon generators for you.

* – Here you can upload your image file or logo file and its converted to favicon for you. Just download it and use it. Thats all.

* – Here you can either upload your image or you can create favicon yourself. Even here you can create animated favicons for you website.

* – Useful online tools to create different sized favicons. Different sized favicons can be created like 16×16, 32×32, 48×48, 64×64. I have created favicon from this site. Its very handy and good.

* – Very simple and useful favicon generator.

* – Simple favicon generator. Either upload your image for making favicon or create favicon online.

Free Online Favicon Editor and Generator
Free Online Favicon Editor and Generator

* – Great tool to create favicons.

* – Create animated favicons with your custom text. Select your image and type your desired text to scrool and your image will be created.

* – Create animated favicons with scrolling text.

* – A great site to grab favicon of any site. Just enter the URL and it will show you the favicon used for that site. You can even download that favicon by just clicking on it. Very useful to get favicon from your favorite site.