Drupal 6 to Drupal 7….tons of changes, restructuring of admin dashboard, some changes modules.

Initially when I switched from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7, the first thing anyone will do is install “Views” and “Views UI” modules expecting that it will be more useful than Drupal 6……Actually in Drupal 7 version of “Views” and “ViewsUI” module, there are so many changes and restructuring of links. So if you install it, you will not find “Arguments”, one of the powerful feature of Views.

Actually in Drupal 7 Views module, arguments are present but only thing it is renamed as “CONTEXTUAL FILTERS”.

Yes ! Arguments exists in Drupal 7 Views, with a different name.

Drupal 7 Views Arguments Missing...No it is not.
Drupal 7 Views Arguments Missing...No it is not.

Basically arguments can be useful in a scenario where you want to display some specific information depending on the parameter from URL.

Lets say, you have 7 different content types in your website…Page, Article, Video, Audio, Blog post, Short post, Links.

And you want to provide an option to user so that when he clicks on Page, he sees all pages from the site. When he clicks on Articles, he sees all articles from page….and so on.

So in this scenario, you simply pass these content types to a view and it will automatically show only respective posts or links depending on URL Parameter.