Its been a very long time since is working fine.

And today during updating some of the posts suddenly I got an error saying

WordPress database error: [Table ‘.wp_posts’ is marked as crashed and should be repaired]”

I was shocked…and didn’t know what to do ?The first thing that came to my mind was to grab some old backup and restore it.


But I was able to get rid of this problem without restoring old backup.

Here is a way to repair crashed table of wordpress database without restoring old backup. This simple solution would allow you to repair your crashed wordpress database installation and you will be able to repair wordpress table easily.

If you are facing this problem then just do the following

1) Login to your PHPMyAdmin.

2) Open your database.

3) Click on your table.

4) Click Operation and see if you can find “REPAIR” table option.

5) If it exists click on “REPAIR TABLE”.

6) If it doesn’t exist, just click on “SQL”.

7) Now here type “REPAIR TABLE tablename”.

8) Replace “tablename” with your crashed table name.

And you are done ! ! !

No need to restore your table from backup ! ! !

If above process doesn’t work, then you can go and grab some of your latest backup and restore table.