Recently while regular source code checkup of the files from website, it came to my attention that there are so many Spammy Hidden Links pointing to some sites. Finding the source of these links is very difficult so I started deactivating plugins one by one.

There were so many spam links on website pointing to some “” website.

So started debugging that, by deactivating all installed plugins one by one.

In this I found out that the problem I was facing was because of “WordPress Database Backup” plugin.

Just deactivated this plugin and “NO SPAM LINKS”.

But I needed this plugin….

So started googling and found that JQuery pointing to wpstats website generates these spam hidden links with div display:none property.

So to continue using this plugin, go to following path


and search for wpstats, you will find following

and replace it with following URL

Save file and again activate this plugin.

And you will be able to use plugin and with no spam hidden links.