If you own a website built on “PLIGG” and ever used a Pligg module “Send Announcement” to send a announcement mail to all your site members and if you see the mail with the email address as “insert_your_email_address_here” in the sender field, then you should rectify it.

“Send Announcement allows you to send an email to all the users of your Pligg site.”

Its a very useful plugin for sending messages on festivals or sending updates to all your site members.

To solve this issue you need to edit the module file to update your email address.

Follow the steps

1) Login to your CPanel or Control Panel of hosting.

2) Go to “/modules/send_announcement/templates/” folder.

3) Open “sendannouncement.tpl” file.

4) Check line 24 which says “insert_your_email_address_here”.

Solution to pligg insert_your_email_address_here problem
Solution to pligg insert_your_email_address_here problem

5) Replace “insert_your_email_address_here” with “youremailid”.

6) Save file and Check now, emails will be sent with sender id specified above in line 24.

Check on pligg forum.