Many times you might have heard people talking about HTML5. As a internet surfer, we never think about what features are supported by our browser. But just out of curiosity have you ever felt that actually what features of upcoming standard HTML5 are supported by the browser you are using ? If yes, then lets find it out online , just for knowledge, even though you are not a programmer 🙂 So this post is more targeted towards the people who are not developers and are just curious to know about the browser they are using.

Most of the browsers are now supporting features of HTML5 partially.

We are going to see some tools which gives you information about your browser’s HTML5 capability.


This is a very nice online tool available. Just open and it will start its work. It will do all tests and displays you the result. Depending on different parameters and results of test, it gives some points. There are number of factors considered for rating.

I opened html5test in multiple browsers, and got following results

Firefox 17 – 370 and 10 bonus points
Chrome 23 – 437 and 13 bonus points
IE8 – 42 and no bonus points
Opera 11.60 – 353 and 9 bonus points

You can easily compare the results of HTML5 support of different browsers.


This is another tool which lists features of HTML5.

It shows “green” icon, if the feature is supported by your browser else it shows “red” icon. These are just the indicators for Yes, No.


Its a nice website to find your ip address. FindMeByIP also shows the different properties supported by the browser. It goes into more details, which may not be of much interest to the end users like us who just want to know a bit of their browser.

Please let me know if there are any other tools like this which gives information about browser.