Recently I was doing some hands on Buddypress which allows to create a community based website. Along with that I was testing a plugin Buddypress Links. I downloaded latest wordpress version 3.5.1, Buddypress plugin version 1.6.4 and Buddypress Links plugin version 0.7.1.

Installed wordpress and activated these 2 plugins, it started working great. But then I realized that there to no way to manage Buddypress Links plugin. The admin menu to for buddypress links settings was missing and I was not able to manage Buddypress Links.

By installing Buddypress and Buddypress Links it is possible to create a Community where users can share links, like links posted by other and write reviews on it. Combination of Buddypress Links with Buddypress is awesome for sharing links and create a community.

Actually in WordPress 3.5 now there is no default support for links or blogroll which was there previously. I got this information from this thread. So I searched for “Link Manager” Plugin in the plugin repository and activated it after installation.

And Magic !!!

I was able to see “BP Links”  in the admin menu.

BP Links - Buddypress Links Admin Menu Not Visible and Missing.  Not able to manage buddypress links.
BP Links – Buddypress Links Admin Menu Not Visible and Missing

So basically Buddypress Links is using Links feature of WordPress and as its been removed from WordPress 3.5, so option to manage “BP Links” or “Buddypress Links” was missing or disappeared.

If you were previously using WordPress “Links” and now if you think that “Links” is missing in WordPress 3.5 then you can enable it by installing “Link Manager” which solved the problem of missing “Links” admin menu in wordpress 3.5.