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When I started blogging and using twitter, that time I was unaware of power of twitter. But all the way long, there is a path to success with simple tips.

See them.

If you want to gain more twitter followers and mentions then don’t forget that even others also need that.

  1. Try recommend people with hashtags like #FF or #FollowFriday or #Follow or any other good hashtag. This way you will start some interaction & communication from your side. Definitely not all of them reply to you, but some of them will say thanks to you.
  2. Then there on you can add them to your list.
  3. Retweet others tweet. This way you will get noticed by twitter users and some of them will also do the same with your tweets.
  4. Add some tweets to Favorite. This way you are marking them as important tweets.
  5. Mention other twitter users in the tweet, if their tweet helped you.
  6. Send a direct message once in a while and be in touch with them on personal level.
  7. Don’t forget to reply to any questions or comments.
  8. Thank people sometimes, when they retweet your tweets.
  9. If someone follows you, do follow them back. This way you are making 2 way communication.
  10. If you own a blog or website, then don’t forget to put a twitter follow widget to make it easy to follow you.
  11. If you own a blog or website, then don’t forget to add a twitter share widget, this way it becomes easy to share a tweet. You can create widget from your settings menu
  12. Don’t spam.

If you want to do all the above then use a tool like HootSuite (I use this), which will help you manage twitter activities in a better way. It makes it very easy to do above activities.

Even now twitter provides a way to embed a tweet into blog or website. You can use it on your blog or website.

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