It’s been a while, I started using Rockmelt Desktop Web Browser. I personally liked it very much, as it provided better options of twitter and facebook integration. Rockmelt was built to make the web more useful by giving you a better way to navigate. It is pretty easy to reply to tweets and to comment on facebook with Rockmelt browser.

Rockmelt is based on Chromium. From long time there is no update on the Rockmelt browser.

And recently there is a new blog post “An Update on the Existing Rockmelt Browser“.

As distributing a desktop browser is hard & expensive, rockmelt team have decided to shut it down.

But distributing a desktop browser is hard and expensive (especially if you don’t have an operating system or the world’s most trafficked website to promote it). We knew that when we started. What we didn’t know was how much time we’d spend keeping up with Chromium (the open source foundation of Chrome, upon which Rockmelt is based). What started out as 10% of our time soon became 50%–taking away cycles we needed to spend doing the innovative stuff that made us different.

Now Rockmelt is focused on “From Re-Inventing the Browser to Re-Inventing How you Navigate”.

Rockmelt Browser Shutting Down - Reborns as a New Site
Rockmelt Browser Shutting Down – Reborns as a New Site

What about existing users, who are using Rockmelt browser ?

Existing users can continue to use it, but at some point in the next several months we will end-of-life the browser. Well before that point comes, we will give you plenty of notice and help you transition all your stuff like bookmarks. And if you’re wondering, we’d happily recommend Chrome as a replacement. In the meantime, we hope you’ll give the new Rockmelt for Web a try and let us know what you think.

So now its time for me to start searching for apps on chrome which will provide same kind of features and make my life easier.

If you are using Rockmelt browser, what will be your next choice ?