I always like to watch videos while working, blogging and surfing. I use VLC for that very frequently, play video and make a small window and make it “always on top”.

But when it comes to watching videos on youtube or other video sites, it has to be watched in the same window and you cannot switch window while watching. You cannot surf while watching videos online.

But Google Chrome has a nice extension which gives you an option to watch videos as “Standalone Video”. 

There is a Google Chrome Extension called “Chrome Toolbox (by google)“.

After installing this extension, whenever you watch videos on youtube, you will see a small icon

Watch Youtube Videos in a Standalone Mode

on left top corner of video. Once clicked, it will popout video in a different window.

Watch Online Videos in a Popout with stay on top
Watch Online Videos in a Popout with stay on top

Chrome ToolBox is having many options which are very helpful.

1) When mouse over on image, it shows a floating toolbar to magnify image, set it as wallpaper, view original image.

2) Floating toolbar to watch video in a standalone mode.

3) Confirmation while closing browser with multiple tabs open.

4) Options to configure Shortcut and menus.

and more.

Chrome ToolBox Extension
Chrome ToolBox Extension

UPDATE 9th Jan 2014 : Recently one of our readers ‘thuan’ pointed out that the “Chrome Toolbox” is no longer available in the Google Store. It seems that google has removed this extension.

There is another download link for those who are interested.

Download Google Chrome Toolbox Extension Here. http://www.chromeextensions.org/tabs/chrome-toolbox-extension/