Are you on Twitter ? What a stupid question… I know you are ! Follow me @prowebguru ! Want to increase your Twitter Followers and want others to promote your tweet by retweeting ? Then you should definitely try this service, I use it and trust me, its very useful. is a web service, which helps you to gain more twitter followers, gain more retweets. If you have a blog or website, then this tool is going to help you a lot. Its Free ! (Of course, there is an option for you to buy credits in case you need more credits than what you can gather by retweet, share. )

You can visit and login with your Twitter account.

How Works ?

Initially you will get 100 credits. With that you can promote your tweet. When others retweet your tweet then they get credit amount and it will be deducted from your account. You will run out of credit soon. So to get more credits you can retweet/share other members tweets. This way they will retweet your tweets and you will retweet their tweets. Everyone will be benefited.

What are the options available on for tweeting ?

  1. On Signup, you will get 100 credits.
  2. You can create a Tweet, assign number of credits for each retweet.
  3. Specify, how many times you want to promote this tweet.
  4. You can allow/disallow other networks – Facebook & Google Plus, to promote your tweet.
  5. Then you can specify, the minimum followers required for promoting this tweet.
  6. Select category and just submit.
  7. And it starts working.
Get More Retweets with JustRetweet
Get More Retweets with JustRetweet

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