Using textures as a background is one of the ways to make a nice looking background for your website. While working on one of the themes, I needed to display a background, but I was not in a mood to open photoshop and crate it. So started searching for online tool to create texture online.

After trying out different tools, I thought it might be useful to someone (who is lazy like me)

Here you will find list of free tools to create textures and background online. There might be some more online textures generator on the internet, but I tried these and found useful, so sharing it with you.

Noise Texture Generator

Online Noise Texture Generator, Create Texture Background Online
Online Noise Texture Generator

This tool is quite easy to use and very useful if you want to create a dotted background or background with noise. You can select noise opacity and noise density along with size of the background image you want to create. Just create and download. Then put as your background and repeat that background with css.

Noise Texture CSS Generator

This tool also helps you to create textures. It create an image which you can download or even it provides you url which you can use as a source for background.


and you can use it as a background url.


Create CSS Noise Texture Online
Create CSS Noise Texture Online

Texture Maker

This tool is bit advanced as compared with previous tools. It provides different options to create background texture. You can select what type of texture you want to create

  • Crate Gradient Textures
  • Crate Procedural Textures
  • Create Pattern Textures
  • Create Text Textures
Create Free Texture Online
Create Free Texture Online

You can specify type of gradient and select color.

Online Gradient Texture Creator
Online Gradient Texture Creator

It has different paid options to use these services. In a free version, you are bound with some limitations like size,you need to download images to use it and so on. If you want some more info then check their FAQ.


This tool has large collection of pattern textures. There are lots of patters to choose from. Just select pattern and start creating a texture.

Create Pattern Texture Online
Create Pattern Texture Online

Do you know any other tools to create textures online ? If you know please let me know, I will add it to this list of free online tools to create texture background. These tools are very useful to create textures and background patterns online. These are nice website background texture generator or website background pattern generator online or make your own background online free.

If you like it then do share it with your friends.

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