Are you a Web Developer and need a reusable, flexible, configurable jqeury grid plugin ? Then jqGrid is one the popular Grid Plugin with JQuery which you can use in your project. jqGrid is Free, Open Source jQuery Grid plugin and distibuted under MIT license.

While developing websites or web application we come across different scenarios where we need customized grid tables. Sometimes we might need a simple grid or in cases, more advanced grid. This grid is reusable and customizable for different scenarios.

jQgrid Free Jquery Grid Plugin
jQgrid Free Jquery Grid Plugin

It can be easily integrated with PHP, JAVA, DotNet.

jqGrid provides following features

  • Cross browser compatible – It works in different browsers like firefox, chrome, safari, opera.
  • Multi language support – It supports 20+ languages for Ui.
  • Paging – Both client side and server side paging supported.
  • Sorting – Both client side and server side sorting supported.
  • Search – It supports search. – Filter – It supports filtering contents.
  • In place Cell editing – It supports in place cell editing and on the fly form creation to edit a record.
  • Subgrid – It supports subgrids ie. grids under grids.
  • Tree – It supports tree structure to display hierarchical data.
  • AJAX – It supports ajax, so no page reload required.
  • Data Source – It supports different data sources like XML, JSON,local arrays.
  • CSS Customization – It supports css customization, so you can get all above functionality with your custom theme and styling to match with your project and layout.
  • Import / Export – It provide import and export of grid configuration and data from xml file, xml string, json file and json string.
  • Formatter – Custom formatting for grid cells.
  • jQuery UI addons – It supports features like sorting, drag drop, grid resizing.

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