JqGrid is very good jQuery Grid plugin to show custom grids using jQuery. If you want to know how to disable sorting of column in JqGrid, read below.

If you have never used a JqGrid plugin then you should read features provided by JqGrid plugin. You will find lots of JqGrid tutorial online.

To know more visit jQuery Grid Plugin. Or you can check JqGrid PPT presentation on slideshare. Also do not forget to check JqGrid documentation.

By default sorting is enabled in JqGrid.

To disable sorting completely in JqGrid we should set “sortable:false” property for every column in colmodel.

JqGrid Disable Sorting
Disable Sorting in JqGrid

So if we have 3 columns, then we should set “sortable:false” which is one of the jqgrid parameters, for all 3 columns. Here is a jquery sortable grid example.

colmodel: [
{ name: ‘ProductName’, sortable: false },
{ name: ‘ProductPrice’, sortable: false },
{ name: ‘ProductQuantity’, sortable: false }

If we want to enable sorting only on 1 field, then we will remove “sortable:false” property from that column and keep it for rest of the columns.

colmodel: [
{ name: ‘ProductName’}, //sorting is enabled on this column
{ name: ‘ProductPrice’, sortable: false },
{ name: ‘ProductQuantity’, sortable: false }

If you know any other better solution let me know. I will include it here for reference.

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