Do you know how many links are there on your website or blog ? How many of them are working and pointing to a live url or how many of them are pointing to a non-existent urls ? Here is a list of tools to help you find broken links or dead links from a website or url.

Why you should try this ?

Because there might be some links lying in your webpage and are taking nowhere to users. Why to keep these kind of misleading links ? Instead just find them and replace them with the working one or remove them. These tools scan your webpage and check each of the link for existence.

Free Online Broken or Dead Links Checker Tools
Free Online Broken or Dead Links Checker Tools

List of Free Online Broken or Dead Links Checker Tools

1) – This is a nice tool which scans blogs or websites for dead links. It scans a large number of webpages and lists broken links. It even lists url and even shows you source code of the page where the link is available. This broken url checker tool is very helpful. This tool does a pretty good recursion so it takes time to process these urls.

2) – Its a w3c link checker tool. This tool also gives a list of broken links. Its a pretty popular tool as its a w3c. By default it checks all the links present in the entered url, but you can set the recursion level and deep link checking by setting options.

3) – This tool has the option to scan webpages recursively upto 2 level. I got results from this tool very quickly. It stops scanning once it reaches recursion level. But it shows list of urls to scan further.

4) – This tool lists all urls present on a page and shows status of each link.

5) – To use this service you need to provide email address. Enter url and submit. It will ask you for email and password. Once the scanning is complete, it will send details to your email id. Even this tool has lot of other options but those are paid.

6) – Even this tool lists and displays the status of links from a single page.

7) – It shows the urls and their status whether thats a valid link or broken from a single page.