After the announcement of Pligg 2.0, I was very eager to try out the latest version of Pligg CMS. Because there are so many changes, bug fixes. And one of the major changes is the introduction of the Bootstrap theme as the base theme for Pligg CMS. Having said that, now latest version of the Pligg CMS is with a Responsive Design, which is awesome.

I upgraded one of the local site installation to the latest version of the Pligg CMS. And it was working pretty well. It has a new better admin panel. Then I logged out the site after few experiments.

Next time when I tried to browse site, it was working but when I was clicking on out.php link, it was showing “Server Error 500” and I am now stuck at error page.

But after searching on Pligg Support site, I found a solution here. Thanks to new pligg support site.

The problem is that, there is some code which was checking whether session exists or not, if session doesn’t exist then that operation gets blocked throwing “Internal Server Error in out.php” file.

Solution for out.php not working in Latest Version of Pligg CMS - Pligg 2.0.0 RC1
Solution for out.php not working in Latest Version of Pligg CMS – Pligg 2.0.0 RC1

So basically to get rid of out.php not working problem, just follow the steps as mentioned …

  1. Login to your Cpanel.
  2. Go to root of your website and locate “config.php” file.
  3. Copy this file and give it a new name “out_config.php
  4. Edit this new file “out_config.php” and search “include_once(mnmmodules . ‘modules_init.php’);
  5. Then just comment this by putting // at the start of the line, so now it should look like “//include_once(mnmmodules . ‘modules_init.php’);
  6. Now Save and closeout_config.php
  7. Now open “out.php
  8. Search for “include(‘config.php’);
  9. Change this line to “include(‘out_config.php’);
  10. Save and close file.
  11. Its Done.

Now just go back to your website.

Visit any link when you are logged in and just logout. Then again visit same link again, it should be working now.